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Our DNS hosting tool gives you full control of your domain's DNS zone file. You will be able to specify or modify multiple subdomains, Host (A) records, Mail Exchangers (MX), Aliases (CNAME), Text (TXT) records and custom (FORWARDER) records.

Attention:   This feature is only intended for users who are knowledgeable about DNS and zone file settings. Some of our users are confusing DNS hosting with Name Servers Specification. If you have a hosting solution with another company, you can simply specify your name servers on the domain settings page in your Namespro.ca account. There is no fee involved for such a setting.
package information
DNS hosting - complete zone file management

Our proprietary DNS zone file management tool is jointly developed by our engineers and our domain specialists, who drew from their long term experience in this field during the development process. It provides an easy yet powerful interface for our users to control their domains' zone files. Besides the traditional A, CNAME, MX and TXT records, our DNS hosting also includes a CUSTOM FORWARDER feature (built and powered by Namespro.ca) that will allow you to redirect your main domain or any of your subdomains to any existing URL you desire. The creation of this feature is the result of the feedbacks we have received, and it has proven to be essential in various DNS zone file setup.
    100% free, included with all domain registrations Fully compatible with:
    access this tool within your Namespro.ca account anytime anywhere log in now
    fully compatible with Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, Wix.com, Weebly.com and many others
    scroll down to review samples of different zone files
    start using this tool now by registering a domain or transferring one to Namespro.ca
  anycast cloud-based DNS network always on
  host (A) records for main website and subdomains unlimited
  alias (CNAME) records unlimited
  mail exchanger (MX) records with individual priority values unlimited
  text (TXT) records unlimited
  custom (FORWARDER) records - by Namespro.ca unlimited
  Google Apps and Apple MobileMe compatible
  real time zone file update
  setup fee free
  monthly fee free
  customer support 24 / 7 / 365
  1. A your-domain.ca explain  
  2. CNAME www.your-domain.ca your-domain.ca explain 
  3. A a.your-domain.ca explain 
  4. CNAME b.your-domain.ca anotherDomain.ca explain 
  5. A mail.your-domain.ca explain 
  6. MX your-domain.ca mail.your-domain.ca (10) explain 
  7. MX your-domain.ca mail.backupMailServer.ca (20) explain 
  8. TXT your-domain.ca v=spf1 mx ~all explain 
  9. FORWARDER c.your-domain.ca http://anyURLyouwish.ca/ explain 
  10. FORWARDER d.your-domain.ca http://anyDirectoryToo.ca/xyz/ explain 
  11. FORWARDER e.your-domain.ca http://anyFileAlso.ca/sample.html explain 
  1. CNAME www.your-domain.ca ghs.google.com explain 
  2. CNAME sites.your-domain.ca ghs.google.com explain 
  3. CNAME docs.your-domain.ca ghs.google.com explain 
  4. CNAME calendar.your-domain.ca ghs.google.com explain 
  5. MX your-domain.ca ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM (1) explain 
  6. MX your-domain.ca ALT1.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM (5) explain 
  7. MX your-domain.ca ALT2.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM (5) explain 
  8. MX your-domain.ca ASPMX2.GOOGLEMAIL.COM (10) explain 
  9. MX your-domain.ca ASPMX3.GOOGLEMAIL.COM (10) explain 
  12. FORWARDER your-domain.ca http://www.your-domain.ca explain 
  1. A your-domain.ca explain 
  2. A www.your-domain.ca explain 
  3. MX your-domain.ca mail.anyMailServer.ca (10) explain 
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