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How do I register an expired dot-ca domain (TBR domain)?

Dot-ca domains go into a 30 day suspension period after they expire. The official expiry date can be found at the CIRA WHOIS database at http://whois.cira.ca/public. During this 30 day suspension, the original owner still has ownership over the domain and can decide to renew the domain if he/she wishes. However, if a renewal does not happen within these 30 days, the domain will then be released to the public. All domains released from expiry will first be dropped into an one-hour TBR (to-be-released) session, where registrars (like Namespro.ca) can perform early registrations. TBR sessions are held every Wednesday at 11:00am PST, and all domains released (meaning having expired 30 days or more) within the previous week will be included. When the TBR session is over, domains that have not been acquired will be released officially by CIRA and become available for public registration.

TBR domain registration is a very competitive field, and there are multiple active registrars competing for popular domains weekly. Strict rules are enforced by CIRA, and the official document can be found at https://cira.ca/be-released-domain-name-registration-policy-rules-and-procedures. When the weekly TBR sessions starts, each registrar can only submit one single registration request at a time to CIRA and subsequent requests at fixed time intervals thereafter. By the nature of this important rule, it is therefore necessary to determine a submission order among all the requests made by Namespro.ca TBR users. Our TBR submission queue priority is determined by a bidding system, which can be found at the URL http://www.namespro.ca/TBRBidding.asp.

Naturally, a higher bid amount will result in a higher position in the queue. The resulting queue for each weekly TBR session is generated after the bidding has ended, and it will consist of a list of domains, arranged from the highest bid to the lowest. These domains will then be submitted to CIRA's system one by one when the TBR session starts. That being said, a higher position in the queue will greatly increase the chance of acquiring the TBR domain that you desire. The reason is because all active registrars will be submitting their requests at the same time, and the earlier your submission is, the greater the chance that the domain is still available (not taken by other registrars yet). To maximize your chance of success, we recommend entering the highest possible bid amount for your desired domain(s). Please refer to the TBR bidding system page for all rules. If users require any assistance, please send us a ticket via our online support system.


The official CIRA TBR list is updated weekly and can be found at http://tbr.cira.ca/tbrlist_p.

TBR registration is extremely competitive, and there is absolutely no guarantee. There is no fee for bidding and for any failed registration attempts. The bid amount will only be processed on your credit card if a domain is successfully acquired. Please refer to KB-5000 for more instructions on how to update your billing information. This is a necessary condition before our system will submit your TBR bids.

If our system successfully acquires a domain for you, the domain will be attached to your Namespro.ca account automatically and set up under the desired registrant. Your credit card will be charged the bid amount for that domain + appropriate taxes. Please allow several hours after the TBR session for these events to happen.

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