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How do I access my mailbox using an e-mail client via IMAP?

There are 2 ways to access your mailbox. One is via an e-mail client and the other is via the webmail interface using a browser. Examples of e-mail clients are Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Eudora, Entourage, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, etc. Any mobile devices, such as iPhones, Andriods or BlackBerries, can also be considered as e-mail clients.

If you set up your email client to use IMAP as the incoming/receiving protocol, messages on the server will stay stored on the server. Your email client will read/manage/manipulate messages directly on the server without downloading them. The advantage of an IMAP connection is that all messages are stored online and therefore, multiple IMAP devices can access the same set of messages on our server. The disadvantage is that messages will occupy disk space on the server side and they will accumulate indefinitely. As such, IMAP connections are recommended for mobile devices such as cell phones or tablets. As a side note, SMTP is always paired with POP3 as the outgoing/sending protocol. Please find the settings for IMAP access below:

i) Non-SSL connection (obsolete, insecure connection - not recommended)

IMAP server = mail.yourdomain.ca

IMAP SSL connection = OFF

IMAP port (SSL) = 143

Username = xxxxxxx@yourdomain.ca (entire e-mail address)

Password = your own password

SMTP server = mail.yourdomain.ca

SMTP SSL connection = OFF

SMTP port (SSL) = 2525

Outgoing Authentication = ON

Username = xxxxxxx@yourdomain.ca (entire e-mail address)

Password = your own password

ii) SSL connection (standard, secure connection - highly recommended)

Please enter your domain to display mail settings:     


For specific email client setup, please click here for Microsoft Outlook; here for Mozilla Thunderbird; here for Apple iPhone/iPad; here for Mac Mail.

In some cases, users may encounter a security warning regarding the SSL certificate by the e-mail client. The only reason for the warning is because the SSL certificate is tied to our official domain, "namespro.ca", instead of the user's own domain. For most end users, it is not economical to purchase a yearly SSL certificate purely for the purpose of encrypting their e-mail connection. As such, we are providing this secure connection service to our users free of charge.

That being said, most of the newer e-mail clients have an option to "allow this exception and store this certificate permanently". What this means is that users can simply approve the certificate once and will subsequently be able to connect without further warnings. However, if there is no such option in your case, a quick resolution would be to simply switch your mail server names to a "xxxxxxx.namespro.ca" mail server name. The functionality of your e-mail connection will remain exactly the same, but this change will bypass/satisfy the generic warning that one may be encountering. To obtain the correct "xxxxxxx.namespro.ca" mail server name for your application, please send us a ticket via our online support system. We will be glad to provide the necessary information and instructions on how to proceed.

If you wish to access your mailbox via the webmail interface, please refer to KB-2005 for more instructions.

If you wish to access your mailbox using POP3, please refer to KB-2006 for more instructions.

If you have forgotten your mailbox password, please refer to KB-2003 (free mailbox & e-mail hosting only) or KB-2004 (Windows hosting only) for more instructions on how to reset it.

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