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How do I change the auto-renewal setting of my domains?

Our auto-renewal option is designed to help users manage their domain portfolio by automatically renewing domains that are about to expire. This feature will prevent any ownership issues from happening by maintaining the proper legal control over important domains without the user's attention. It will also prevent any web and e-mail service interruption caused by an expired domain. Auto-renewal is especially helpful if a user has a large portfolio, and we recommend enabling this feature for all domains. To change the auto-renewal setting, the steps are as follows:

1)Log into your Namespro.ca account at https://www.namespro.ca/Login.

2)Click on "renew a domain" on the left menu.

3)Click on the "auto-renewals" tab.

4)Check(enable) or uncheck(disable) the desire domains and click "save". The auto-renewal settings will take effect.


If you have enabled the auto-renewal setting for a domain, the domain will be automatically renewed for 1 year, 30 days prior to the expiry date. This 30 day period will allow any unforeseen issues to be resolved. The auto-renewed term extension will be added on to the existing term.

The auto-renewal cost will be applied to your credit card information stored in your Namespro.ca account. An invoice will be sent to your Namespro.ca account e-mail when a domain is auto-renewed. Please refer to KB-5000 for more instructions on how to update your billing information.

If your billing information is not up-to-date or does not exist in our database, any auto-renewal attempt will fail. A notice will be sent to you regarding the failed attempt and our system will disable the auto-renewal setting for the involved domains. These domains will then need to be manually renewed.

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