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How do I contact a dot-ca domain owner? WHOIS query returns no contact information.

Effective on 2008-06-10, CIRA has implemented a privacy policy for dot-ca domains. The CIRA WHOIS query no longer displays the contact information of CIRA registrants who are "individuals". This includes the registrant types "Canadian Citizen", "Permanent Resident", "Legal Representative" and "Aboriginal Person". The official privacy policy can be found on CIRA's website at https://cira.ca/cira-privacy-policy.

There are varies reasons why a user would like to contact a dot-ca domain owner. Here are some common ones:

Legal issues regarding the ownership of a domain, such as trademark or copyright infringement.

Ownership inquiry by the previous owner of a domain. The domain had likely been expired for more than 30 days and was re-registered by a new owner after deletion.

Interests in acquiring the ownership of a particular domain.

To proceed, user should use the "Interested Party Contact: Message Delivery Form" provided by CIRA at https://www.cira.ca/ca-domains/contact-a-domain-holder. Any message submitted using this form will be delivered to the owner/admin contact of the particular domain by CIRA system. However, user must understand neither CIRA or Namespro.ca has any control over the owner's action or response or the lack of it.


We are a domain registrar and do not ourselves own any of the domains that are registered through our service. We act as a tool or an agent between the domain owner and the dot-ca domain registry, CIRA. All inquiries should be sent to the domain owner/admin contact, either directly using the WHOIS contact information (if available) or indirectly using the CIRA Interested Party Contact contact form mentioned above.

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