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How do I register my own name servers?

Users who would like to operate their own DNS servers will require custom name servers to be registered for their domain. For example, if the domain is "yourdomain.ca", the custom (child) name servers registered would traditionally be "ns1.yourdomain.ca" and "ns2.yourdomain.ca". These name servers can then be used as name server entries for other domains. To proceed, the steps are as follows:

1)Obtain (at least) 2 unique IP addresses from your ISP. These are the locations where your DNS servers and zone files should be set up at.

2)Once you have set up your DNS servers at the above IPs, please send us a ticket via our online support system with the following information:

Action = name servers registration

New primary name server =

New primary name server IP =

New secondary name server =

New secondary name server IP =

3)Upon receiving your ticket, we will register the name servers for you at the corresponding registries. Please allow several hours for the creation to take effect. When the initial period is over, the newly created name servers can then be applied to other domains as name server entries.


To perform this action, users are required to have at least a basic knowledge of how DNS functions. If this is not the case, we suggest using Namespro.ca name servers for your DNS needs.

When the new name servers are submitted as entries for other domains, a corresponding zone file must be created on your own DNS servers in order for these domains to resolve properly.

Please be advised that all name server updates require a 6-12 hour period to propagate through the Internet and take effect.

last updated = Jun 29, 2020 17:55:41 EST
category = domains
keywords = 4011 create register child name servers DNS ns1 ns2 Versign registry glue record custom

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