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How do I whitelist an e-mail address?

We employ SpamAssassin as our standard spam filter, the same way most universities and ISPs do. Currently both virus scanning and spam filtering are done at the server level and all the settings are controlled by our network administrators. Our spam settings are at its current setting after a long period of adjustments and the filter is continuing to learn about new spam messages on its own. The key point about filtering is to achieve a balance between false positives and the strength of the filter. In rare cases, your messages may be incorrectly tagged with the subject "Namespro.ca Detected Spam". This is understandable since spam filtering by its nature is an educated guess. When this happens, you can simply whitelist the sender's e-mail address using the following steps:

1)Log into your Namespro.ca account at https://www.namespro.ca/Login.

2)Click on "useful tools" on the left menu.

3)Click on the "start now" link that corresponds to the "whitelist addition" tool.

4)Follow on-screen instructions to whitelist a sender's address.

This will allow any future messages from the same source to by-pass our spam filter. Alternatively, you can request all spam filtering on your mailbox to be turned off completely (although not recommended) and employ your own solutions, such as:

to install a personal filter on your local machine and manage your own filtering rules

to join a sender verification service, which only allow messages to go through when the sender authenticates him/herself

to forward all messages from your mailbox to another provider (such as Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) that has a better filtering rate in your opinion and retrieve your messages from there

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