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What is DNSSec and how to use it?

DNSSec stands for "Domain Name System Security Extensions". It is designed to protect DNS data during transmission and to prevent attackers/malicious users from forging or manipulating DNS data. In the simplest terms, DNSSec works by digitally signing DNS data using a specific key and algorithm. By checking this digital signature and verifying it against trusted sources, a DNS resolver will be able to determine if the DNS data is correct (unmodified and complete). This ensures that the end user is connecting to the actual address for a domain name.

Currently, Namespro.ca does not provide hosting for DNSSec DNS services. However, we are fully capable of configuring your domain to work with any 3rd party providers that offer DNSsec. To configure DNSSec for your domain, please follow the steps below:

1)Locate a DNSSec provider of your choice.

2)Sign your domain with DNSSEC at this 3rd party provider.

3)After signing, a few Delegation Signer (DS) records will be generated for your domain by your DNS provider. Please send us the generated records in a ticket via our online support system as follows:

Action = DNSsec configuration

Domain name =

Key Tag =

Algorithm =

Digest Type =

Key Digest =

4)Upon receiving your ticket, we will then configure your domain with DNSsec at the registry.

5)Once set up, your domain's DNS will be secured.


You can find more details about DNSSec here at Wikipedia.

last updated = Jun 29, 2017 19:57:06 EST
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