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When you want to register a domain name, the registries require a set of contact information from you in order to complete the registration. All the information you provide becomes available to the public through the registries' WHOIS databases once the domain is registered. The availability of these databases not only jeopardize the privacy of your contact information, they also tend to attract spammers and other web users with malicious intention.

To combat this issue, Namespro.ca offers all our users a solution called Private WHOIS. This feature protects your contact information from the public while maintaining your ownership over your domain. The protection will last for the entire lifetime of your registrant profile, and the level of protection can also be modified or deleted at any given time according to your needs.

Note:   .ca domains only - According to CIRA's policy, the WHOIS information of an "individual" registrant (i.e. Canadian citizen, permanent resident, legal representative and aboriginal person) is automatically hidden and privatized. No action or purchased is required for these registrant types. However, this policy does NOT apply to "non-individual" registrant types (i.e. "Corporation", "Association", etc.) nor any other domain extensions (e.g. dot-com, dot-org, dot-net, etc.).

Note:   .us and .co.uk domains only - According to the rules from their respective registries, private WHOIS protection cannot be applied to domains under these 2 extensions.
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Private WHOIS - essential protection for your personal information online
C$8.88 per registrant life time
  Below are an example and details of this feature: order now  
  registrant name: Firstname Lastname registrant name: Firstname Lastname
  e-mail: your-name@your-domain.ca e-mail: xxx-xxxxxxx@namesproprivacy.ca
  address: 1234 Broadway Street,
Toronto, ON
Canada N1P 1S1
address: Namespro.ca Private WHOIS,
PO Box 28123, West Pender St PO
Vancouver BC, Canada V6C 3T7
  phone: +1 (604) 123-4567 phone: +1 (604) 682-8059
  ONE TIME cost of C$8.88 per registrant info  
  LIFE TIME protection for your contact information info  
  UNLIMITED number of domains under a protected registrant info  
  LEVEL of protection can be modified at any given time info  
  ALL DOMAIN extensions are elligible for protection info  
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