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We would like to share with you some of the feedbacks we have received from our customers. All quotes below are excerpts from customers' e-mails and permission to post them has been granted by their respective owners.
what our customers say about us
  Below are some of the e-mails we have received:
  I really, REALLY appreciate all your efforts. Above and beyond, etc.

Grateful Client.
Siri Hansen
  I am writing to thank you for your assistance. In addition, I wish to let you know that your ability to communicate information is indeed skillful. In this field of technology I have graduated from being Dani Dinosaur to Cave Girl with Club and I fully understood your very clear instructions ~ a true talent on your part.

Dani Gordon
Victoria, BC
  A big Thank You.

Your support service is terrific. Fast and friendly.

I will certainly recommend NamesPro to anyone looking to get or transfer a domain name.

Maggie McGroarty
Communications Director
Toronto Island Sailing Club

Just wanted to "THANK YOU" guys and girls at NamesPro for all the help you gave my brother and myself over the last year it was awesome. I hope it continues into 2014 and you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thanks again for the support in 2013.


Hugh and Claude Tollett
  Namespro.ca has by far the best customer service and technical support in the industry. Their response time is far superior to any other registrar that I have dealt with and I would highly recommend them for any purchase, domain transfer or any other services they offer. I only wish I would have found them sooner as I could have saved myself some time and money.

Wallace Rose
  This is exactly the information I was looking for. Thanks so much.

Just thought I'd mention, I have been a paying customer to Namespro.ca for all of a few hours, and already I am very impressed with your company's service. I have very easily transfered a domain to you, and now I have successfully received very quick response to a support inquiry. Thumbs up guys, keep up the great work!

Jeffrey Larson
  Without a doubt, Namespro.ca offers the best value for the money that I’ve every experienced yet in setting up domains. On top of it all, their help and service is second to none – virtually immediate responses with clear, concise answers that make the whole process very efficient. I’ve read elsewhere that Namespro.ca was too good to be true for the price, and therefore warranted some hesitancy in jumping ship from a previous host or registrar. If you’re reading this and need some comfort in making the switch, just look at this testimonial page. Now go to some other Registrar and look for their testimonial page. Chances are, you won’t find one. End of story.

Wayne S
Kelowna, BC
  That is exactly what I wanted and it worked perfectly. Thanks for your patience and guidance and, especially, the very prompt turnaround on my query. Very satisfied and happy I switched my domain registrar to NamesPro.

Donald Walker
Thornhill, ON
  I just wanted to say thank you to you all for the wonderful job you are doing. It has been so easy to use your services not only for purchasing new domains but also for transferring older ones. Thanks for all the hard work and dedication you've put in to making your interface userfriendly and novice friendly.

Thanks again,

James Giroux
Gatineau, QC
  Although I've been with NamesPro.ca for only a week now, I feel very compelled to write about my utmost appreciation for your work. You guys have unparalleled service, most notably in your customer relations and support, and you are lightening-fast prompt, courteous and extremely thorough. As well, the spam filtering in your email hosting is light years ahead of other companies that I have been with. My Junk Mail folder has never been so barren in its life. I'm proud of all of your staff and I believe your outstanding reputation will bring you the great exposure and success you deserve.

J.R. Ostonal
Mississauga, ON
  Hello Namespro. I just wanted to let you guys know that I think you are the best domain registers out there + you're Canadian! I have used at least a dozen other service providers before I found you guys and you are hands down the best out there. Thanks for the great service. Keep it up! John

John Devereaux
  Did i say that your service is 6 stars??

Because of your help i fixed my issues, thanks sooo much !!!!

i've been working in IT for almost 20 years now and i never saw such great service !!

I just can say keep up the good work please :)

  Not quite sure what email to send this to, but I just wanted you guys to know that you're doing a stand up job. I've been with you for two years now, with three domain names, and it couldn't be simpler. I like how you offer features to subscribers, but don't force them. Such as the DNS and email options. I personally use neither, and that's why I like it :) Just point to my own DNS servers and handle everything myself. You're everything a domain name company should be.

Thanks for the reliable and professional service over the years, I'm sure they're be plenty more to come.

  For the past 1.5 months I have been dealing with an unsuccessful transfer of some .ca domains. Through my dealings with another registrar, I have realized that competent registrars are few and far between.

Thank you for having such a great knowledgebase, support team, and full understanding of the policies and procedures of the CIRA. I trust that my domains and CIRA registration are secure with Namespro. I look forward to dealing with your company for years to come.

Liliane B.
Toronto, ON
  I just wanted to take a moment to write to you and let you know how impressed I am with your services. I registered 1 Domain name with you to start last week and since have registered 2 more and another one I own is in the process of being transferred to you. In addition I have transferred my web hosting to you today.

Your technical service is flawless, and your site and services are very user friendly. I am in the process of joining your affiliate program because I will have no problem recommending your services to anyone."

Craig Dyer
Director Dyertechnologies
  I would like to inform you of the outstanding customer service I have received from your technical staff. I have been to Namespro what I would call in my office "a problem client" due to my lack of knowledge in this process.

I felt it necessary that you are aware that my experience with Namespro has been the best customer service received from any company I have dealt with in the past year or more. This includes Banks, Telephone, Cellular services and Retailers.

I have high standards for my staff (efficient as they are) for customer service in my business. It does not come close to the patience, articulate responses and overall professionalism conveyed through the email replies I have received. Email is the most difficult manner to respond to customers while maintaining a personal connection. Your staff excels.


Tom Alexander
  I just wanted to say thank to the Namespro team. Each time I contact your technical support team I am continually amazed at the speed in which they respond, their level of patience (for me the non-tekkie) and their kind and courteous manner.

You make it very easy to do business with you and I would not dream of using any other registrar or host!

Thank you.

Michelle Frost
  Thanks for your help! I think this ticket can now be closed.

In case you don't hear it enough, your fantastic service is always awesome and your help always appreciated!

Have a happy holiday season!

Alvin Cadonic
  Perfect! Exactly the info I wanted to know.

You have been top-notch in servicing me through this whole process and I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who would need to buy domains. When I first transferred my domain to your services I did it for the sake of saving a few dollars every year, but the quality of service you have provided me has proven to be non-related to the cheap prices you offer to register domains.

As long as I have domains to register/renew/transfer, I will always remain a customer of your services. You have proven to be above and beyond the quality of services I could have expected from a registrar and you deserve to have my business for a long time.

Thank you very much for everything and please let me know when the whole transfer process has been completed.

Stephane Thouin
Web Master


From Tony Romeyn, a recently retired business owner in Prince George after more than 40 years.
Customer Service is everything :)

Wow you guys are running a great business, I'm quite active in the IT community and I'm going to be throwing your name around, I appreciate the quick reply, the work around and the fact that everything has worked as promised at a great price. (Usually you get to pick 1, good service OR good price) you guys offer both.

I just wanted to say thanks again everything is working perfectly now and I'm very excited about this."

Chad Kempt
  Just a quick note of gratitude to the service staff. With an overdue account and website that was down, the service staff got me up and running in little to no time.

Quick replies and an even quicker resolution have made me a fan of your services and I will be telling many more where to go for one stop shopping!

Ray Hubble
  Thank you.

I do not know what I could have done without you.

You have been so patient and so helpful and so persistent to make me understand how formmail works on Windows server. I now know what I was doing wrong.

I do not know how to thank you other than making sure that everyone I know understands that your customer service and support is the best I have ever experienced.

Kelly Nasr

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your great support. I have never seen any registrar execute so quickly and as flawlessly as Namespro. What you have done in the span of a few hours on my .ca domains took me days, weeks, months, and eventually lead to denial, anger, bargaining, and utter failure, with all my previous registrars.

I thank you for your incredibly quick turn around on big issues and small, the very affordable prices, the well organized interface, the straightforward implementation of privacy for .ca domains, and making any bureaucracy required by CIRA almost seem automatic.

I would not hesitate to recommend Namespro to any of my friends. It is without a question the only registrar worth considering for .ca domains. I no longer have to babysit my registrar every year, and can finally sit back and enjoy my domain.

Yours sincerely,

Ottawa, ON
  You guys are very good!

I've been hosting and registering all my dot.com domains with ICDsoft.com. But have struggled to find a good registrar/hosting solution for dot.ca's. I've been registering dot.ca's with another company and just changing the DNS to point to my ICDsoft hosting.

I think I've finally found a company with the whole package value hosting/registration (.ca)/ and now as I can tell excellent customer service.

Of course I'm a Canadian as well, so I prefer to support Canadian business when I can.

I'm very loyal to a good business which is why I won't drop my dot.com solution. But any other dot.ca business I'll be bringing your way.... and be passing this on to associates as well."

Rob Blissett
  Thank you so much for all the prompt assistance you have been providing me with lately. You guys are defiately the best registrar I have ever used and will ever use!

Edmonton, AB
  Seriously, you guys are sick. The service I have gotten over the past few months from you guys is top freaking drawer - fast, fast, fast and always helping out... even a dumb schmuck like me who can't keep his crap straight.

A million thanks, got what I needed. More clients coming your way soon.


Conlin Cheverie
  I must say. Namespro not only has the best interface but one of the greatest back ends as well. From a female perspective, that is not only the best combination but also the best partner. Two things done in combination. Well done.

Wallace Rose
  We have 15 domain names registered with Names Pro. Over the years we have done business with a variety of registrars and web hosting companies.

Namespro have proven themselves the best in the customer service and support.areas. They were always there when needed.

  I just want to acknowledge all the help you guys have given me over the years. Your prompt and courteous responses to my questions do not go unappreciated. You have a first rate team.

Mark Des Cotes
  I would like to say it has been a great pleasure dealing with Namespro.ca. They have made me feel welcome and have answered all of my many questions very promptly and politely. I highly recommend Namespro.ca for getting your website started. They also host and I have every confidence in them to keep my website up and running, however simple it is.

Thank you, again.

Dan Saver, BA
Armstrong, BC
  I have been with Namespro for over five years. From the moment I joined they have been helpful to the max. Everything from getting new domains registered, old domains transferred, helping with getting my sites hosted to helping get Wordpress setup, Namespro has been there for me. The service is top notch - fast, friendly and very efficient. I have had a number of web hosts over the years. Namespro has been the best by a long shot.

Alan Gollom
  I wish to thank you for your very quick reply and action, it confirms that namespro really offers great service and support as promised!"

Mathieu Lanouette
  Big Shout-Out to the Tech Support at Namespro.ca

I've used this company as the host of our office web-domain for some time now. Reasonable price, simple set-up and solid e-backbone.

I created a new account with an online information group this morning and used the same password as I have on my main domain (ie the one that hosts my email account). And within 1/2 hour I was deluged with "message delivery failure" emails that indicated I had been hacked.

A quick e to the good folks at Namespro, and they plugged the hole, and with a quick and easy reset of my password at their mainpage, voila...problem solved!

My sincerest apologies to anyone who may have got some unnecessary crap from the office email address....ahh, the fun of the digital world we now live in.

Steven S
Wiarton Family Chiropractic Centre
  May I just say how much you excel at customer service - at all possible points of interaction: intelligent, intuitive, straightforward design and navigation; prompt, comprehensive, clear communication. Probably top of the list of service providers or online presences I've ever interacted with. Thank you!

Anne Thornton

Thank you again for the fantastic support with all of this.

So very muchly appreciated.

Brad Keller
  Good Evening,

I have been going through the process of moving to Namespro as the new host for my domain. I am the first one to admit that I am not very adept at the finer points of technology so when it came to things like settings, email clients and IMAP vs POP I immediately went looking for help. I can easily say that the support I have relieved from the Namespro team has been nothing short of incredible. They were very quick to respond and give me the help I needed in a language I could understand, often taking the time to type out detailed step by step instructions. I have to say that it just proved to me that I made the right choice when I moved to Namespro. Thanks to everyone for your help. I really do appreciate it.

Steve Wideman
  In my first 24 hours with NamesPro.ca I've done more successfully than 4 years with internic.ca. You guys rock!"

"I am very impressed so far with NamesPro, ... thanks for straightening out my dot ca's yesterday!"

Phil Primmer
  I must tell you this: I have been using the Internet since 1995 and I have dealt with hundreds, if not thousands, of companies over the years through working for the government and later on owning my own business. This is the fastest, most professional and overall best customer service I have ever experienced! The person who recommended Namespro to me told me how good you were, and I must tell you I was sceptical - but I'm so happy she was right!

Thank you again!

Therese Ouellette
Edmundston, NB
  Thank you very much.

I just wanted to also make a comment. I think you guys are just absolutely awesome! The level of service you provide is second to none and I have many clients for whom I always use your service.

Again, thank you for all your help.


  Good afternoon,

Thank you for the rapid response time! Since creating an account with NamesPro.ca and transferring a number of domain names to my account here, I have to say I am very impressed with your support/service. Thank you! It's a breath of fresh air, as I'm moving from a very non-responsive registrar.

  Hi Wonderful Namespro People,

I just wanted to let you know that I have been trying for, quite literally, _weeks_ to get a domain transferred at domainsatcost.ca, whom I've been using since I started my business. They take 3 to 4 days to respond to emails and they don't make any sense when they do, you take minutes and are very polite and well-written, and better yet - actually answer my question. The choice is clear! I'll be switching all my domain registrations over to you in the future.

Thank you so much!"

Dana Ditomaso
  Thanks for the great business service and support. After dealing with other registrars, trying to transfer domains etc, I am acutely aware of your great support, friendly communication and patience.

I trust that will not change as I happily, and confidently, continue to move clients over to Namespro. Thank you.

Robert Campbell
  I just want to let you know how thrilled I am with the services and service you offer.

I am a bit of a privacy freak, and also have a number of domains I want to lead to my web site. I have dealt with a numerous domain registrars and web hosts, and there has always been something or many things lacking in what is offered, how it is delivered, and the service and support which backs it up.

I am so glad I found NamesPro. It offers everything I want in an easy format. The support is prompt and coherent and the web site is clear & easy to navigate. The biggest plus of all, however, is that you are a Canadian company. Job well done!

A happy customer.

  I would never, ever have figured that one (a technical issue with WordPress) out. Although I try to handle the technical aspects of my sites myself, and Google as much as possible before requesting support, it's very reassuring to know that the Namespro team has such great customer support.

It's just one more reason that I recommend your company often.

Again, thanks for all your help with getting this figured out.

Sandra Livingston
  you have my business. i like your user friendly website

actually, i have been setting up a new business this week, and you have THE BEST SERVICE AND RESPONSE TIME than anyone here in Canada.I am just a little guy,so i am impressionable.....but after 29 years in business, its takes quite a trick to impress me after all..... keep it up

Richard Bisson
  I spent HOURS and HOURS searching for a domain host that was

a: Affordable
b: User Friendly
c: Had all the options I wanted

And Namespro is it! Domain gripping plus one free email account? Can't be beat for the price! And if you have a question, these guys will answer you in a flash!

Thanks Namespro. You make domain name registration a simple and painless process.

  I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your efforts. You have been extremely professional and speedy in your responses."

Paul Woroshow
Toronto, Canada
  Awesome and super fast service. I'd definitely be a long time customer and also refer friends and other business people to your business. Thank you again."

"You provided the unprecedented support that not only met my expectation but exceeded by far. I only had the idea that the bargain comes with lower service. But you not only proved me wrong, the service was super fast and the best I've received in along long time."

Salahuddin Mahmud
  Well done!

I want to thank everyone who answered my numerous questions. You have done a good work and I am happy to see the website in function.

Many thanks to the team.

Ma Deva Eshana
  Wow!!! I've been a customer for only 10 hours and already I'm extremely impressed with your service. I was previously with a very large and well-known registrar/DNS provider in Toronto and stuck with them for the past five years; their service was reliable but they don't even come close to what NamesPro offers in its introductory package, and for a third of the price no less!

The options in your basic package gives nearly all customers the flexibility to get websites and mail working without the need to purchase a DNS hosting package, this is not possible with many other providers. For example, a feature as simple as your domain forwarding (URL forwarding), available for free in your intro package was only part of the premium DNS package with my previous provider (~ $60/year!).

The fact that you offer (for free) a 'real' domain email account vs. email forwarding to ISP mail, that your .ca domains are cheaper than a .com where other registrars (even Canadian registrars) charge premium rates for a .ca, that you have WHOIS privacy measures in place where others don't bother... these are all things that show great dedication and commitment to your customers.

You folks have definitely got it figured out. I'm very happy for making the change and will tell everyone I know to sign up or transfer to you. If such an accolade as '.ca Registrar of the Year' exists in Canada, NamesPro definitely deserves to be awarded it."

John Margaritis ND
Naturopathic Doctor
Hamilton, ON
  Thank you very much.

Your company is amazing, this is the best customer service I have ever had! Wish the air conditioning providers I am trying to work with could learn a lesson from this!

  I wanted to take a moment to address ticket number 79****** ... I am very happy to say the staff took immediate action and went out of their way to provide me with all of the answers ... I wanted to let you know over the past year I have worked very hard at school to complete the Computer Information Systems Program ... I am very happy to say that the extra effort from Namespro enabled me to file for my credential.

Please accept my deepest thanks to all of the staff at Namespro, it is clear you have a very special team.

Todd Carpenter
  I am knocked out by your incredible customer service.

Thank you to your amazing team.

  I would first like to say THANK YOU!!!!

The people at Namespro are FANTASIC, and have always helped me in the past with any issues.

Thank you again,

Lorne Cook

I can't stress this enough, your email support is FANTASTIC.

I train Customer Service reps for a living, and every interaction with your team brings trust and quality to your brand.

  NamesPro.ca was one of the companies that I eventually stumbled upon and after reading through their website, I decided to give them a try. After having dealt with them for a while, I have learnt that customer service is the main thing you should consider when choosing a registrar.

I have dealt with many online customer services before. You send them an e-mail and usually, you get a response e-mail informing you that not only has your e-mail been received but that you should expect a reply in the next 24-48 hours. As someone that wishes for something to be fixed as fast as possible, even a day can be a long time. You could lose a lot of potential visitors in what seems like a short span of time. NamesPro.ca blew my mind completely by answering some of the questions I had in… 10 minutes.

According to my message histories, they answered 3 questions in 10 minutes and 2 in 15 minutes. That was completely unexpected for me. I was also surprised that the tech support staff I was talking to actually understood what I was trying to tell them. Sometimes, you receive feedback from someone who clearly has not read what you had taken a good amount of time to write. They just breeze through your call for help and proceed to answer you in a robotic fashion. I had some issues with my blogs and domain mapping, but NamesPro.ca took care of them for me. All I have to say is…

Good job guys!

Kar Yung Tom
  I just wanted to tell you guys how happy I am with your service.

I learned a valuable lesson on Friday and over the weekend.

I transferred 4 of my domains to netfirms.ca because of their .NET hosting plan only to find out after paying all that money and transferring those domains that their .NET servers DO NOT SUPPORT "Parent Paths"!! Not only that, but their Control Panel and Technical Support SUCKS!!!!!!!!! BIG TIME!!!!

I was so angry.

I not only wasted my money to transfer them over to Netfirms.ca, but I had to spend the money all over again just to bring them BACK to Namespro.ca.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell someone there that I am so happy to be back and I have had no complaints about Namespro.ca for managing my domains.

I may be considering a hosting plan when my existing plan with Webhost4life expires in February - but we'll see.

For now, I'm just happy to have control over my business and my domains. I have always appreciated the level of support from NamesPro!!


One VERY happy customer!!

John Bradley
Oshawa, ON
  Wowzers! You guys are going to have to change your domain name to SupermanCustomerService.com! That was the fastest reply ever and it answered my question perfectly. Thanks!

P.S., How are you guys going to continue doing your jobs when all the phone booths in Canada are disappearing?


  The process went extremely well and disproved my earlier fears that a low price (was one of the lowest in the survey) may have negative implication. I am happy to say it was otherwise."

Jeff Brooks
BizDev Consulting Inc.
  You people are amazing.

The transition to Namespro has been seamless and easy.

Other service providers have no idea about how much catching up they have to do. You have raised the bar on customer service and practical solutions.

It's been a long time since I have experienced such a high level of competence and commitment to customer service.

Please, don't allow your company to be devoured by a conglomerate!

You are helping to make the dream a reality.

With much appreciation,

  Hey, I just wanted to pop you a note to again express my pleasure at the excellent support service I received the other day while registering my domain. I was shocked to find a response to my query in my email box less than two hours after I'd sent it, and totally blown away when the tech at the other end went out of his (her?) way and quickly satisfied my non-standard request.

So when I went to register another domain today there was no hesitation -- I came right to namespro.ca.

Kamloops, BC
  Thanks very much!
I appreciate the prompt response and repair. You guys are amazing.

  I just wanted to say THANK YOU to either the person or persons who have helped me through this initial learning period. You people are professional and have the right bedside manner you don't find in other support services. You are a credit to Namespro. Many thanks,

Malley Dunn
Kitchener, ON
  Just wanted to say your customer support is superb. I sent a question and received help within minutes. The control panel is super easy to use and well worth the price. Thank you.

  I am amazed and I just simply need to say that this is one of the best support that I have ever received from any service provider. Fast, Professional and Technically Competent


Ricardo Guevara
Chief Technology Officer
Cortexx Technology Group
  I am extremely happy with your service and I will for sure recommend your company to my friends without any reservations."

Jerry Liu
  You guys remain my choice for web hosts for life. Thanks so much.

I am also tweeting my praise about you (via @loftsellers).

Paul Indrigo
  I would also like to say that your support has been over and above of what i expected. Your explanations and assistance with my site and the hosting have been excellent.

Overall your assistance has been very professional and prompt."

Ajay Chikermane
  Ever since I started dealing with you quite a few years ago the service and quality of everything I dealt with you is better than anywhere else. Whenever there was a question or concern you were there for me in such a short time. The cost for my web server is awesome with allot of power in the website business. I will continue recommending namespro.ca to all of my friends and family. It’s a pleasure doing business with you!

Michael Biss
  Over the past couple of years I've had the pleasure of dealing with your technical, sales and customer service representatives and I must say that I have always received nothing but prompt and extremely knowledgeable service. After dealing with other companies’ lack of "customer service", I just want to say THANK YOU so much for being the best at what you do. I have finally migrated my domains over to namespro.ca and will continue to purchase other domains through your organization as well as highly recommending it to those who are frustrated with their current registrar and looking for a customer service oriented company.

Best Regards,

Antonio Guillen
Edmonton, AB
  Just wanted to let you know how happy I am that I found your company. I do one tiny thing with you, host one .ca domain name, and you guys do it perfectly. Today renewed my hosting and needed to retrieve a password - it all took less than a minute. I design websites and use various online hosts and services, sometimes because of client restrictions, and I've seen how "tiny" things can go terribly wrong. So thanks for getting it right!

Magda Wojtyra
  Again, thank you for all your help. The westlangleyhall.ca domain is once again working and I have successfully setup and tested the free email feature.

It is truly a pleasure dealing with a responsive customer service group that cares enough to answer questions for topics outside of their control.



I just wanted to make sure that I indicated that I am impressed with your service.

Another faceless user! :-)

The speediness of your responses and the fact that the they are understandable, clear and exactly what was requested is awesome!

The service does what you say it does and your technical/sales team work well together.

I was happy with the self management of my DNS settings, and I look forward to being happy with my Drupal instance.

Grant Johnson
  Thanks! Have we mentioned that you're THE BEST cause this team really is!!!!!!!!!!

Renae Jarrett
  Dear Namespro:

You have my sincere thanks for helping me through this process. The Executive members of Partners In Learning will be thrilled to learn that they have their domain name back!

It has been a pleasant experience to deal with such an efficient and professional company as Namespro. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


Lea James
  Hello, I just wanted to send this note to say thank you for your exemplary customer service. If WordPress had customer service like yours, I would not have to keep sending you notes asking for help.(They have still not replied to 2 notes I sent) I believe, through the links you sent me in the last support note, that I have finally figured it out and am awaiting confirmation from google apps. Again, thank you so much for your support and going the extra mile(s) to include the links for me on how to set up email via google apps. Believe it or not, I had used those notes yesterday, but it was too confusing to figure out. Think I had better luck today. If you ever need letters of referral or recommendation, please let me know and I'll write one. I will continue to refer namespro.ca to everyone I know. Keep up the good work.

Sue Sachs
  Well, it is AMAZING dealing with you!

So late, and yet you still get your messages answered, and my problems solved.

I'm so glad you were recommended. Honestly, I have not experienced such amazing online customer service every. You really are super.. and PATIENT with my inexperience.

Monique de St. Croix
  To whom it may concern,

I started using Namespro for solutions last fall and am writing you to express how much I have enjoyed liaising with your technical support team.

As a merchant / user, I have several domains and they are mission critical to my livelihood. Starting with a self built site in '99, I have engaged the services of a plethora of hosting providers / ISPs and I can say with absolute certainty that the support provided by your exemplary team at Namespro.ca is absolutely the best of the pack. In fact - the others don't even come close.

This level of professionalism, which includes unbelievably detailed and timely responses with a personal touch, has induced me to transfer most of my domains to Namespro. As someone whose first specialization within my occupation is to recruit technical support personnel (I am a headhunter), I can attest that this interface is crucial to a company's success. They de facto "are" Namespro to your clientèle.

Not only am I just a fan of your support, I have passed the word to all those I know that should consider moving to your service. Call it client driven business development.

Please extend my gratitude to your TSRs and I must categorically state that it is because of them that I remain with Namespro and will likely do so "till death do us part." I further urge you to not go the way that many of your predecessors have gone, and that is to have created something so good but eventually take their customers for granted and then try to increase their margins at the expense of the level of service. Professionals notice these changes instantly and once you leave - you never come back. The industry is very competitive indeed but I belive I am preaching to the converted.

Once again, never have I had such great support from any third party and it is not only appreciated - it is admired. Whatever was done to formulate this wonderful team and support methodology is to be recognized and applauded.

Just a great experience from end to end and it gives me peace of mind to know I have them on my team.


Mark Strong
  Perfect, precisely what I was looking for.

I just wanted to pass along my comments on your service. It is truly hard to find a domain registration service like yours now a days. I was expecting to have my email acknowledged within 5 business days and hoped for the best that whoever answered it knew what they were doing and was not ready to just supply canned responses. I received a clear and concise reply in what must have been mere minutes.

I have only 3 or 4 domains with your company now, but my business partner has about 20-30 with another provider. I will ensure that we transfer all of this business to Namespro and look forward to future transactions. I will recommend Namespro to all of my clients and will use Namespro as the default domain provider for any and all future website projects/contracts my company is hired to perform.

Rick Atkins
Operations Manager
Matricomp Inc.
  I just want to say that I have been a customer of yours for several years now and, well, I'm happy here. I notice and appreciate the subtle little changes you make here and there as required for performance and ease of use. But I really appreciate that everything has stayed primarily the same. I can always come here, find what I need, do what I need, and you've made it easy for me, and it's not cluttered, commercial, or filled with advertisements and others sorts of crap. Prices are fair (looking forward to .co's coming down a bit :). Service is good. You always let me know when my attention is needed to one of my accounts, but you never spam me with junk or advertisements that I don't have time to read. I like that. I like doing business with you.

Thanks for being the only online place that has kept me happy for this many years :)

Cheers to many more years!

God Bless

Caren O'Brien
  After 4 hours of crying and messing up my whole domain and e-mail hosting. I had given up. I was ready to call my tech friend to figure it and send the bill. When I went back to namespro to gather this information I saw that the support center had an inbox message. I read it and began to cry even harder. A namespro tech had reached out to me for help and within about an hour my whole day's problem was solved. THANK YOU MY FRIEND!!!

Calgary, Alberta
  Thank so much for the quick response and solution. I really appreciate the service you supply!"

Aaron Chute
  I have always been very impressed with the quality of your network and above all one of the most powerful Internet companies due to the prompt, encouraging and problem solving every single time I contact Namespro. Looking forward to our business now and in the future. Please don't hesitate to share any of the positive comments that I have made since I created my account over a decade ago.

I do sincerely appreciate everything you do for your customers that nobody else could do as efficiently as you guys. I have been with you guys since 2007 and I intend to stick with you guys for a long time. Thanks again for everything.

Michael Biss
  I'm not sure who to send this to, but I wanted to take a minute to say thanks for the service that I've received from your support people. I recently transferred a few domains to NamesPro, and had to deal with a few hassles as far as getting the domains transferred away from the old registrar, etc. The support that I received from NamesPro was fantastic -- quick and effective.

I was considering moving all my .ca domains to NamesPro just based on your price and your good management interface. Now that I know how good the service is, I'll be transferring them for sure.

Thanks again,

Noah St. Amand
Kingston, Ontario
  I've been using Namespro for over ten years for domain registration and hosting. I don't often have questions, but for the few times that I do, they are very professional and always helpful. I recently installed an SSL certificate on my site, and they handled my concerns efficiently, reassuring me at every step of the way. I was dreading this change to my site, but they made it very easy. Now my website freshisreal.com is secure for future growth.

Thank you to the team at Namespro!

  Just wanted to send a note saying how happy I am with your site and service so far. Registering .ca's has been a nightmare on other sites and after finding namespro.ca I will never use anyone else again. Your prices are excellent and the website is so easy to use, thank you and keep up the great work."

Jay Goodfellow
Rivux Entertainment
  As a Customer Service consultant, I undertand the subtle difference between "great customer service" and "stellar customer service." Without a doubt, Namespro.ca offers stellar customer service! I started off skeptical -- ordering only one .ca domain name. Within a week, thanks to the excellent and amazingly quick replies to all my questions, I have now ordered four domain names, and am in the process of setting up a web package, too! Great stuff!"

Michael Glazer
  Your support is amazing. Please pass this up to your management. I have led systems teams and helpdesks in the past, and I am impressed with the service your support organization provides. 3 out of 3 is impressive.

Laurie Paleczny
Kitchener, ON
  ...Thank you very much for your ongoing courteous, timely, and seemingly 24/7 assistance in getting my domain-related issues solved quickly and professionally. You are a credit to your industry and should pat yourself on the back. You've got my permission to add that to your endorsements page on your website.

Chris S.
Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario
  I felt compelled to write and let you know just how happy I am with my choice of Namespro to register my domain! There are so many registrars out there and it's nearly impossible to choose one as you want a service that provides both great prices and equally great service. The problem is, the best price is rarely coupled with the best service and the highest price does not guarantee it either.

I feel that one finally "went my way" when I chose Namespro as the registrar for my next domain as I first received an excellent price then today received the excellent service. My Web Host is not known for their speeding technical support response (despite the fact they offer a great service) hence when I was having problems with my domain, I emailed Namespro first. When I received the response from Namespro not long after requesting support, I thought it was simply one of those annoying "we've received your email!" confirmation messages. I was totally surprised when it turned out to be the response to my support request!

Despite the fact that the problem did not lie on the Namespro side, they gave me a quick run down of what the problem was and how they came to that conclusion. I too am required to do technical support in my job from time to time and respect companies that can take the time to explain what is happening as opposed to just stating, "This is not a problem on our end so stop bothering us!"

I undoubtedly will be transferring my other domains over to Namespro soon as well as I'm totally blown away by the service thus far!


  Just a quick note to say that NamesPro is the best domain management solution I've used yet out of dozens. You guys are doing a great job!"

Ben Mirecki
  I am just impressed with your expertise, I'd never resolve this issue alone! I never in my life had such a support for my site (it exists in no company!)

Thank you! I can't beleive such efficient support exists! If I were alone with wordpress support, I'd have to wait [for a long time] to resolve it! Many thanks!

Thank you very much! It's just great, all your support! I honestly didn't expect so much help and more than great service -- you exceeded all my expectations!

Ivana Arapovic
Montreal, QC
  I have been a Namespro client for several years and I have to say it has been a most pleasant relationship. To me, the pricing (even though it's very competitive) is irrelevant. There has to be great service, support and communication. Namespro has exceeded my expectations in all of these areas. Time and time again they have assisted me with technical support in areas that I am unfamiliar …and with outstanding speed and efficiency.

A very big THANK YOU to the team at Namespro for all that each and every one of you does to make this such a great experience!

John Barber
Okanagan Digital Photography
  Gmail worked! Thanks again for being fast and efficient with the tech support.

Michael Fournier

My name is Richard Forsyth. Ive been using Namespro.ca for over a year now i own over 7 domains and webhosting and i have been so pleased with your staff and services, They are very quick to respond and very helpful towards my needs and questions. Anytime i have asked a question or had a problem i get a reply within minutes. Your prices are very reasonable also the implementation of privacy for .ca domains, and making any bureaucracy required by CIRA almost seem automatic.. I have told everyone i know that is in the web building buisness about your great services.

Thank you for everything.

Rick Forsyth
Toronto, ON
Toronto Nissan Club
Administration Team
  Best customer service that I have ever received online and on a Sunday. Excellent work, thanks a lot."

Perry Stone
Whistler, BC
  I want to thank you for your very quick reply and action, it confirms that namespro.ca really offers great customer service support. You have been professional and speedy in your responses. I dealt with lots of internet companies in the past but you are one of the best.


Vancouver, BC
  I've been a customer of Namespro.ca since the fall of 2006 and have been completely satisfied with their prompt service and expertise. It's not often you will find a business with this quality of service and support anymore. (easily rated 5 stars)

Eugene Vandal
Thunder Bay, ON
  Just wanted to say "What a GREAT Job!" - this domain is already working on the Internet like the other websites I have uploaded. Many, many thanks for your patience as I climb the learning curve.

I am so pleased that I decided to purchase your web hosting package (and I already had to upgrade to the 20 website package). The sites look and react excellently.

I will be uploading more soon - but I just wanted to let you know that you have done a fantastic job.


Ted Stuckless
  I would to thank you guys for offering such great prices and great services. After spending over $500 in .ca registrations here I feel that you guys offer the best support for domain registars. Keep up the great work."

Mike Yuke
Port Elgin, Ontario
  THANK YOU.... very much for YOUR patience..."

"Even during this application process, which is the first for me regarding securing domain names, I have to tell you that your pleasant manner, patience and helpfulness and the time taken to explain the entire process has been very appreciative and informative. Just confirms to myself that I have opted to sign on with the right company and look forward to our working relationship in the future."

Randall Humbolt
CEO, Rand Solutions
  This is truly a great company to deal with! I've managed two web pages through them and any problems I may have had have been dealt with in a professional friendly manner quickly and efficiently! If you are skilled or not, Names pro treats you like a person not a number!

  Just wanted to let you know you have the BEST spam detection I've encountered. I like the facts that (1) original e-mail is an attachment, so it's my choice to go further and open it; and (2) you give enough details about the message that I can make the decision easily."

Lyn Wilson
President, Glenmmaryn Consulting Inc.
  Well done!

I want to thank everyone who answered my numerous questions. You have done a good work and I am happy to see the website in function.

Many thanks to the team.

Ma Deva Eshana
  Hello first i would like to say thank you for your wonderful and fast response i am now up and running with my new domain you are the best in customer service and i would recommend your site 100% thank you once again :).

Terrence Mills
  I appreciate your assistance. That is why I continue to use namepro.ca for my web hosting service. You have a very quick response times on any technical issues and it has been my experience that you have resolved any of my issues very quickly.


Brad Watts
  Your professional customer service is phenomenal. I am fortunate to make your business the primary source for my domains. Thanks again for helping me deal with this problem and rest assured I will continue to recommend namepro to my friends and family who want to host a big web site.

Michael Biss
  Thank you it works!

I would like to thank you for all the help over the past few days as you helped me with my various issues.

I have to admit I felt like I was asking 'stupid' questions, but your answers were always polite, courteous and pretty easy to follow.

I truly appreciate your assistance and excellent service.

Keith Burnage
  I just wanted to drop a line and tell you guys (and gals) how much I appreciate the first rate service your company is providing. I now have 10 domains listed (and more pending) and I have had first class service with each and every one of them.

As a new 1-man company entering the Internet business I have to have a company like yours to make me look dependable. I tried several in the US but was delighted to find a great Canadian company right here at home. Your company has proven time and again to be reachable and very knowledgeable.

Keep up the excellent service!

H.W. Ted Stuckless
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